MBK Legend – Choc Low Profile Keycaps


MBK Legend is the first dye sub keycap set (PBT) for Choc switches.

Just what everyone has been waiting for, all the alpha sets have enough caps to cover a variety of layouts including, Colemak, Dvorak, Workman etc…



The MOQ is 100 of each set. If a set does not reach MOQ it will be refunded. Since this is a fairly low MOQ and there are many vendors proxying this GB across the globe this is not expected to happen.


GB runs from 15th January to 15th February. ETA is approx 2 to 3 months from end of GB.


G-Boards (CA)
MKUltra (US)
LittleKeyboards (US)
BoardSource (US)
SplitKB (EU)
Yushakobo (JP)
KochiKeyboard (JP)

Group Buy Rules

These products are part of a group buy and as such are not guaranteed to be made, in this event refunds will be given. Group buy items will only ship once the items have been produced and shipped to myself (see Timeline above)

Additional information


Alphas BoW, Alphas WoB, Alphas Color, Alphas Hiragana BoW, Alphas Hiragana WoB, Alphas Myth Color, Mods BoW, Mods WoB, Mods Color


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