Koala Switch


THE GROUP BUY HAS NOW CLOSED – Extras will be available on http://opticboards.com after the group buy has shipped… 

updated 22-01-2020 – Order arrived and currently being packaged… see Koala Discord Server for full updates: https://discord.gg/br7wztX

Koala Switches made by Durock

$0.05 USD per switch sold will be donated to the Australian Koala Foundation https://www.savethekoala.com


Out of stock


Koala Switches

These switches are made by Durock. The MOQ for this Group Buy is 25,000 switches.  The MOQ is now only 10,000 switches and has been met! The interest check has shown that there is demand for these switches.

The koala switch, designed by creator biip, is a tactile switch using a POM stem and 62g gold spring inside a Nylon housing, Nylon bottom housing and POM stem with a color scheme matching that of Extended 2048.


Due to popular demand I will be selling these switches individually. I do ask that you abide by a minimum order quantity of 70 switches. I reserve the right to cancel orders of less then 70 switches. Each switch will cost £0.41GBP which is roughly $0.50USD. Use Coupon Code “SaveTheKoala” at checkout for free shipping when buying 200+ switches!


3rd November Group Buy Opens
8th December Group buy Closes
9th December Order submitted to Durock
24th to 31st December 10th to 13th January Order arrives at Optic Boards
25th December to 6th January 11th to 19th January Order shipped to participants.
7th January 20th January Switches in stock at Optic Boards



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