Kailh Switch Restock


Kailh Box Heavy Switches, Kailh Box Switches and Kailh Speed Pro Switches

Please choose a switch Family and then a Stem Colour. Each item is for a pack of 120 switches.


Kailh Switch Restock

This is not a Group Buy but it is a Group Buy. Oxymoronic maybe but that’s just me.  I will be placing an order for many Kailh switches, detailed below. This is a chance for you to get these at very close to wholesale pricing. The catch? You’ll have to wait for the order to arrive before you get your switches as these are not a stock item. That’s how it is a Group Buy. It is not a Group buy because there is no MOQ. I’m restocking and buying these switches no matter so if you want to jump in early you get a bonus, If you’d rather wait until I have them in stock and ready to ship, that’s your prerogative and you pay a little extra for that.


Switch Family Variants Group Buy Cost In Stock Cost Saving
Box White | Brown | Black | Red £0.22GBP £0.35GBP £0.13GBP per Switch
Speed Pro Burgundy | Purple | Light Green £0.22GBP £0.35GBP £0.13GBP per Switch
Box Heavy Pale Blue | Burnt Orange | Dark Yellow £0.22GBP £0.35GBP £0.13GBP per Switch

In this Group Buy I will be selling the switches in packs of 120 enough switches for a full size board with leftovers. If you buy a pack now it will cost you £26.40, a saving of £15.60 verses stock pricing! That’s a 37% discount for a little waiting…


10th April Group Buy Opens
30th April Group buy Closes
1st May Order submitted to Kailh
-/14th-21st May/- NOW 30th May – 6th June Order arrives at Optic Boards
-/21st – 30th May/- NOW 6th June – 13th June Order shipped to participants.
-/1st June onwards/- NOW 13th June onwards Switches in stock at Optic Boards


Additional information


Box, Speed Pro, Box Heavy, Choc

Stem colour

Burgundy, Purple, Light Green, White, Brown, Black, Red, Pale Blue, Burnt Orange, Dark Yellow


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