Aluminium ISO Enter Keycap


This Group Buy has now finished extras are available to buy and will ship with the Group Buy timeline below. 

Extras available here:

The colours have been limited to only three options to keep the group buy simple. Once this group buy is complete a new round with different colours will be run.


Material: Aluminium (anodized keycaps), Brass (Mirror Polished Brass Keycaps)
Profile: GMK Cherry ISO Enter
Stem: Cherry MX
Colours: Black, Silver, Polished Brass
Weight: Brass – 20g, Aluminium – 6g – Please note that the brass version may need a heavier spring to be swapped in.

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Quality Expectations

Anodized Aluminium Keycaps

  • No blemishes on top or side of keycaps
  • Potential for some small blemishes in the anodization on the underside of the keycap, these will not be visible when installed on a keyboard
  • Machining marks on the underside of the keycap

Mirror Polish Brass Keycaps

  • No blemishes on top or side of keycaps
  • Machining marks on the underside of the keycap

Please note: Brass keycaps are uncoated raw brass and will patina over time, this can be prevented by applying a clear coating such as a spray lacquer. See main product image, top left is brass keycap after 4 months of patina build up, bottom left is brass keycap with no patina. 


We endeavour to fit the highest possible manufacturing tolerances whenever possible however due to the sheer quantity of switches and stabilisers on the market today from many different manufacturers, it is hard to guarantee the stem will fit perfectly first time. This is easily corrected with very simple tools that most keyboard enthusiasts should have to hand.

Stem fits too loose

Use a pair of needle nose pliers (ideally wrapped in PVC electrical tape to avoid leaving marks) to gently squeeze the stem together. Very little force should be needed to ensure a better fit. The tolerances are as little as 0.1mm.

Stem fits too tight

Use a small flat head screwdriver to lever against the inside of the stem both horizontally and vertically. Very little force should be needed to ensure a better fit. The tolerances are as little as 0.1mm.

Group Buy Timeline

Below is an estimation of how this group buy will play out. The Group buy will accept orders for 31 days. Manufacturing of 100 keycaps is estimated to take 25-30 business days. This step could take longer if orders exceed 100 keycaps by a substantial amount, I will keep everyone updated as orders come in, although the factory has assured me that they can produce up to 500 units without increasing the timeframe. This puts us close to Christmas time which of course can have delays in factory holidays and shipping. The timeline below is a best guess of what may happen it may be a longer wait it may be a shorter wait. Updates will be given at every step of the way on my Discord server and on GeekHack. Quality Control is of the utmost concern for me, I have allowed 1 week for this but will take longer if necessary. This step cannot be rushed at all.

Start : 19th October 2020
End : 19th November 2020
Order submitted to manufacturer : 20th November2020
Manufacturing Finished : 31st December 2020
Keycaps arrive at Optic Boards : 7th January 2021
QC Starts : 8th January 2021
Packing and Shipping Starts : 15th January 2021
Group Buy Finished: 20th January 2021

Additional information


Silver Anodized, Black Anodized, Brass Mirror Polished, Copper


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